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What about staff?

We have the most wonderful Staff!

The part you really want to know about is that each has been hand picked and screened for Professionalism, Attitude, Reliability and Work Ethic. They are all presented formally, with Classic Style Uniforms that are impressive and always clean and well fitted. They are Enthusiastic, Friendly and Welcoming and have a knack for reading a crowd - whether it's a football celebration or an elegant cocktail party for the Italian Ambassador, our team will slip into the required mode. They are well trained and are of the same understanding that we all share here, and that is to give each client and guest an experience in which to remember us fondly.

The part that you don't really need to know about is that our philosophy here is virtually the same as all the other areas of our business. You get out what you put in.

I feel confident in saying that our staff consistently do an outstanding job. This makes them a valuable part of this organisation and, as a result, are treasured by us. Each is appreciated and verbally praised and encouraged. I believe it is because of this that our staff morale is exceptional and our team continues to work closely and happily at every function.

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