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What foods do we have and what's in it?

Our menus are terrific value with such a big variety that's very rarely matched.

Take our finger food for example, we have inclusions of Pork, Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Game, Seafood and a significant amount of Vegetarian items all on the one menu so you're certain to please everyone.

You'll find that we make most of the items on offer.

A rather positive point about doing this is that we get to control what goes into it.

With a hefty emphasis on nutrition & the modern day diet, we limit all levels of fat, oil, salt and sugar and never use any additives, preservatives or chemicals, enabling our food to be nutritious as well as delicious.

Always very aware of the quality of our ingredients, fresh produce is hand selected by our Chef and for all other requirements, we've been using the same reputable suppliers for years.

Our meat is as lean as you can get and you won't believe how we can turn top quality ingredients into such tasty dishes.

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